Actually Design

purple ann ann harrison - actualwebdesigner graffitiknitter badger
mammyofthree 10,000+ JustDance2er. Recently released from prison,
used her time inside to practise the black art of knitting. Between laundry runs
she perfected 'California Gurlz' by the inimitable KP on JustDance3, as well as
increasing her vocabulary and ironic world view with a spot of Dickens. Now fresh out, and ready
to fire, she will be undertaking the responsibilities of senior designer, content management,
identity design, branding and social networking. Awesome.

orangerachel rachel mcfarlane - actualwebdesigner multitasker supermummy missperfection barsafanatic.
Took a more wholesome route to digital systems design and development by forging
a relationship with Johan Cruyff (she was young, she needed the money...) who is not
just a Match Attax International Legend, but has an unbelievably exacting eye for detail.
She will be senior developer, and take on the responsibilities for image capture and
manipulation, as well as CMS work. Scorchio.

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